Documentary about THILO KRASMANN with audio post-production from Sound Station

“THILO KRASMANN, A VERY PORTUGUESE GERMAN” by Miguel Ferraz, performed by Rita Saldanha and with audio post-production from Sound Station, reminds us of the life and work of this great figure of Portuguese culture.
Thilo Krasmann audio post-production

Thilo Krasmann disembarked in Lisbon in 1957, leaving behind a Germany marked by the trauma of the Second World War. With him he brought innovation and modernity to Portugal, revolutionizing the national musical and audiovisual panorama.

His story is entwined with that of the national television broadcaster RTP, and this 50-minute documentary marks the double celebration of the 60th anniversary of the public station and Thilo Krasmann’s arrival in Portugal.

It is now 13 years since Thilo Krasmann left us, on March 11, 2004.

“Thilo Krasmann, a very Portuguese German” debuted yesterday on RTP, but is available “in the box” for one week for you to see when you wish.

The audio post-production and sound design for this documentary were taken care of at Sound Station by José Raposo and Pedro Baptista.