Pêpê Rapazote came to Sound Station to record for the Narcos series

Pêpê Rapazote came to record for the Narcos series, which is showing on Neflix. The ADR was directed live by the Los Angeles studios.

Pêpê Rapazote
Pêpê  hadn’t been to Sound Station since we moved to Campo de Ourique, and that  was already some time ago. It was great to have him back in front of our mics.

Pêpê will be one of the reinforcements of the third season of Narcos that is to debut this year. In this third series they have already named the actors Michael Stahl-David, Matt Whelan and Pedro Pascal.

Netflix has also recently confirmed a fourth season for 2018.

Narcos tells the true story of the growth and spread of cocaine drug cartels in Colombia and the efforts of the police to confront them in a brutal and bloody conflict.